Workload Automation

Workload Automation


Extra Technology calls on our extensive experience and best practice to deliver quick and smooth conversions and migrations.

In the course of conversions and migrations, we continue to refine our best practice methodology and toolset for future use – there are always opportunities to learn.

Our method employs our own streamlined conversion machine.

As a result of continuous improvement to this machine, all conversions and migrations benefit from our refined methodology and toolset and are progressively swifter, safer and cheaper.

Conversions and migrations include:

  • From legacy or end-of-life automation platforms to current supported automation platforms. For example from CA Technologies JMO™ to CA Technologies dSeries™ (DE)
  • From other workload automation to CA Workload Automation. For example from BMC Control-M™ to CA Technologies AutoSys™ (AE)
  • From specific products. For example from Terma Software JAWS™ to CA Technologies iDash™
  • From on-premise to virtual or Cloud