Mark Mannion

Mark Mannion

Mark Mannion is Extra Technology’s CEO and a recognised expert in the field of Intelligent Automation, including Robotic Process Automation, Workload Automation and Advanced Analytics. Mark advocates a pragmatic approach to Automation, encouraging a policy of using ‘the best tool for the job’.

Prior to co-founding Extra Technology, Mark worked in Senior Automation roles, architecting and delivering robust, scalable solutions for many of the world’s biggest banks and working with leading Automation vendors. He developed his first automated solution in 1992 and has continued to deliver robust, scalable and sophisticated Automation ever since.

Mark is a regular guest speaker and panellist at Automation seminars, conferences and user group events.

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Satish Patel

Satish Patel is Extra Technology’s COO.

Satish has held senior positions with several prestigious financial services companies.

Joining Extra Technology in 2019 from a leading global investment management firm, Satish's extensive experience delivering major programmes of work on time and on budget make him a great assett to our company.

Paul Donoghue Parker

Paul Donoghue-Parker

Paul is Extra Technology’s Global Operations Manager. He has extensive operations management experience and is responsible for our commercial and legal processes.

In addition to his operations responsibilities, Paul manages key customer accounts including global financial services organisations, manufacturing companies and leading retailers.

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Adrian Woffendon

Adrian Woffendon is one of our Chief Architects and an RPA Practice Manager.

Adrian delivers sophisticated Automation solutions in Energy, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Banking Sectors.

Adrian’s extensive experience with Robotic Processing Automation makes him a highly valued member of team.


Damian Griffiths

Damian is an Automation Anywhere Expert with highest level of vendor certification. He is a vastly experienced Automation specialist having delivered sophisticated automation solutions in Financial Services and Public Sector for over 20 years.

Recent RPA projects include the delivery of sophisticated automation to leading Financial Advisor Networks, an International Law Firm, various global Financial Institutions.

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Valerie McMahon

Valerie is Extra Technology's Finance Manager.

Valerie manages the accounts team and is responsible for all aspects of Extra Technology's corporate accounts.

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John Masters

John Masters leads Extra Technology's Marketing Team. His remit is increasing awareness of, and demand for, our offerings.

John has 20+ years' experience in the Enterprise IT industry and in this time has worked for vendors and integrators covering most of the Enterprise software stack, among them Lotus Development, IBM, Accenture and Silicon Graphics.

He is a recognised authority on B2B IT field marketing, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society.

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