The Developers at Extra Technology (me included) spend a considerable amount of time creating and developing Bots which automate processes for our clients in the financial sector.

Bots are the future of Business Continuity

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Business Continuity Plans (BCP) have been tested on a global scale like no time before in my 20 years of working. The key difference to the tragic events of 9/11 and 7/7 , is that the impact is worldwide, so the London team can’t simply take over from the New York team, we can’t move staff to our BCP site, etc. This is likely to be the beginning of our BCP challenges.

Implementing Automation Anywhere in your organisation offers some huge benefits, the obvious and main reason for implementing RPA into an organisation, has got to be the radically improved process completion times.

The 2009 Banking Crisis established a need for greater regulation of banks and testing their resilience to failure.

Successive waves of automation technologies have left many organisations with a mixed automation portfolio. Since the functionality of automation types only overlaps marginally, if at all, they end up co-existing rather than replacing each other.

Digital Transformation is one of the top corporate goals, but until comparatively recently it was very much a top-down phenomenon – with enabling automation technologies deployed centrally and permeating downwards to departmental and employee level.

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