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The first thing most people need is a basic orientation on Automation Anywhere™ and what it can do.

We do this by running an introductory Automation Anywhere™ course for your nominated key representatives from operations and technology.

Thus armed and with our assistance, you can then design the right implementation strategy for you, which might be an initial Proof of Concept (PoC), or a Big Bang approach, planning the automation of all your strategic business processes.

If it’s a PoC, we assist you in identifying the best processes to choose, and also the operational business units most receptive to beneficial change of this kind. PoCs are useful to build confidence in Automation Anywhere™ and to learn how to measure efficiency and monetary gains.

For a case study detailing exactly how we executed one client’s PoC, click here.

Whether PoC or Big Bang, a key facet of our assistance is helping plan your wider implementation of Automation Anywhere™, usually with these main stages:

  1. Identifying the key business processes for focus, and using our Process Optimization methodology to identify which of them to automate and which of them to fix first.
  2. Scoping and establishing the right Automation Anywhere™ Center of Excellence for you, by ensuring you have the right mix of technical and business skills in place to set guidelines and oversee your roll-out of Automation Anywhere™. The intention is Business Led but Technology Guided.
  3. Creating the bots - a joint exercise between our consultants and your operations and technical people, with an objective of eventual self-sufficiency.
  4. Testing and release, in which we help ensure the created bots conform to Center of Excellence standards and guidelines and making them operational.

Underpinning and enabling all these stages is our Automation Anywhere™ training, ensuring all your operations and technology people acquire the right skills at the right level in the right way.

Check out our blog post - Automation Anywhere™ – a Proof of Concept Case Study - to find out more about what Automation Anywhere™ can do for your business.