Slideshow - WATS 2016

2016 CA Workload Automation Technology Summit (WATS)

The 2016 CA Workload Automation Technology Summit(WATS), took place on 1st November 2016 at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Blackfriars, 19 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6DB.

WATS remains the perfect free forum for CA WA products, in which to meet and share ideas with fellow users, subject matter experts and guest speakers and to provide feedback to CA Product Management.

Key senior players from CA Technologies detailed CA’s Workload Automation roadmap and introduced new WA technologies, including Agent Orchestrator.

Guest speakers from CA, CA Customers and CA Partners presented sessions, including a demonstration of the new DE/dSeries(DE) r12 interface.

WATS 2016 also saw the introduction of a WA Power User Breakout, in which the business application and benefits of WA agents and special job types were reviewed.

WATS 2016 Agenda

wats 2016 agenda

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