The 2009 Banking Crisis established a need for greater regulation of banks and testing their resilience to failure.

Successive waves of automation technologies have left many organisations with a mixed automation portfolio. Since the functionality of automation types only overlaps marginally, if at all, they end up co-existing rather than replacing each other.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) was adopted by the EU in April 2016 and comes into effect in May 2018. It’s currently getting huge online coverage - with consultancies offering training and advice on how to avoid the eye-watering fines potentially incurred for non-compliance.

17 November 2017

Introducing et mobile

This week at CA World 2017 in Las Vegas, Extra Technology announced et mobile.

et mobile is a brand-new app, developed exclusively by Extra Technology, CA Technologies’ Preferred Workload Automation Partner with over a decade of experience designing, implementing and running Enterprise Workload Automation solutions.

In this video Extra Technology's Antony Askew shows us how to improve reporting and minimise AutoSys and CA7 failures with CA Technologies iDash.

In this video Extra Technology's Lisa Mannion shows us how to use web services to perform basic monitoring and control type services for AutoSys(AE) using CA Technologies AutoSys(AE) & CA Embedded Entitlements manager.

In this video Extra Technology's Lisa Mannion shows us how to make a workflow self healing using CA Technologies AutoSys(AE), iXp, SQL & OMTD jobtypes.

In this video Extra Technology's Lisa Mannion shows us how why you should use the NOEXEC status in AutoSys(AE) .

If Control-C and Control-V are key sequences you execute for much of your working time, you may be about to read some very welcome news.

Analysts and commentators in all walks of life have expressed surprise and in some cases concern at the results of the Brexit Referendum in the UK, and the Presidential Election in the US. It occurs to me that both will be great news for at least one innovative technology.

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