dSeries(DE) for Users

Course Description

This fast-paced, 2-day, hands-on course equips you with the skills and competence to work confidently and proficiently with dSeries(DE). You will gain the foundation skills to enable you to confidently use dSeries(DE) to develop, monitor and manage workflows.

Intended Audience

The course is designed to offer a "first sight" of dSeries(DE) for users.

Previous knowledge of an older version of dSeries(DE) is advantageous but not essential.

Key Skills

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Set-up Jobs and Design Job-Streams
  • Define and schedule using Calendars
  • Monitor and Manage the dSeries(DE) Jobs
  • Utilise advance dependency logic in your workflow
  • Produce reports and forecasts about your environment

Course Outline

  1. dSeries(DE) Environment
    • dSeries(DE) environment
    • How dSeries(DE) works
  2. Connecting to dSeries(DE)
    • Connecting with dSeries(DE) Desktop Client
  3. Defining Jobs and Applications
    • Introduction to Application and Job relationships
    • New Job types
    • Agent functionality
  4. Scheduling Basics with dSeries(DE)
    • Application behaviour
    • Example of job streams
  5. Advanced Dependencies logic
    • Date and Time Dependencies
    • Working with Exit Codes
    • Variable and Logic dependencies
  6. Monitoring and Controlling Workload
    • Working with Monitoring perspectives
    • Creating Views
    • Subscription options
    • Job actions
    • Understanding Application and Job States
  7. Scheduling with Calendars
    • Understanding calendar logic
    • Defining calendars
  8. Variables and JavaScript
    • Global variables
    • Symbolic variables
    • Integrating Java scripts
  9. Resources and Alerts
    • Resource types
    • Defining alerts
  10. Advanced dSeries(DE)
    • Forecasting
    • Generating reports
Daniel Chidgey

Daniel Chidgey

Course Instructor

Daniel is a CA Certified dSeries Subject Matter Expert. He has specialised in CA Workload Automation consultancy since 2009, regularly representing CA Technologies as a Senior Services Consultant and Education Instructor. A regular guest speaker at CA Workload Automation events and User Groups since 2012, Dan has presented on varied topics including Upgrade Strategies, Managing Service Level Agreements and Software Development Lifecycle Management. Dan has in-depth knowledge of dSeries r11.1 and r11.3 and is a committed contributor to CA's dSeries Beta programme. Dan is responsible for co-writing Extra Technology's dSeries Education Courses. He also produces and scripts Extra Technology’s ‘How To’ videos. This year Daniel is co-writing and presenting an iDash Pre-Conference Education course at CA World in Las Vegas - covering Workload Automation Analytics, Service Level Assurance, Critical Path Management and Workload Service Visibility.