ETTRIDA002 - iDash Administrators Course

Course Duration

1 day

Course Description

This one day course covers the administration, maintenance and troubleshooting of CA Workload Automation iDash - known as iDash.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for those responsible for the administration of CA Workload Automation iDash.

Key Skills

After completing this course you will gain a solid understanding of the architecture and components of iDash. You will be able to effectively manage an iDash installation.

Course Outline

  1. Overview
    • What is iDash? - Product Overview and Purpose
    • Acronyms and Terms Used
    • Product Architecture
    • Supported Platforms and Databases
  2. iDash Components
    • How iDash Is Implemented
    • The iDash Server Application
    • The iDash Server Database
    • The iDash GUI
    • The iDash CLI
  3. iDash and AutoSys(AE)
    • Connecting iDash to AutoSys(AE)
    • Real Time Information
    • Historical Information and Data Loading
  4. Configuration
    • iDash Server Configuration Parameters
    • AutoSys(AE) Instance Configuration Parameters
    • MOTD
    • User Commands
    • SLA Parameters
  5. Security
    • iDash Security Types
    • iDash and EEM Security
    • GUI Authentication
    • CLI Authentication
    • Audit Reporting
    • iDash User Types
    • User Security Set Up and Filters
  6. High Availability (HA)
    • iDash Application HA
    • iDash Database HA
    • Failover, Recovery
  7. Maintenance
    • iDash Database Maintenance
    • iDash Log Files and Cleaning Up
  8. Wrap Up
    • Review of Topics Covered
    • Q and A

Course Pre Requisites

Previous knowledge of AutoSys(AE) is required.

Any previous knowledge of a tool like iDash is advantageous.