ETTRAES001 - AutoSys(AE) User Course

Course Duration

2 days

Course Description

This two day course is designed to introduce you to CA Workload Automation AE - also known as AutoSys(AE). Using the latest software versions, you'll get to understand the fundamentals of how AutoSys(AE) works and many of the powerful features available to you to automate your workloads. Good design practices are covered, with opportunities for hands on practice in a safe AutoSys(AE) environment.

Intended Audience

This course appeals to both brand new AutoSys(AE) users and those looking to expand their existing knowledge.

Key Skills

After completing this course you will be able to define, run and test your own AutoSys(AE) jobs. You will also have a solid understanding of some of the most useful features of AutoSys(AE).

Course Outline

  1. Overview
    • Why Automate? Why AutoSys(AE)?
    • Acronyms and Terms
    • How It Works
    • Versions, Platforms, Components, Diagrams
  2. Jobs Part 1
    • What Is A Job?
    • Different Job Types - Overview
    • Command Jobs -Overview
    • File Watcher Jobs - Overview
    • Monitoring Jobs - Overview
    • Box Jobs - Overview
  3. Interfaces
    • The Command Line
    • The GUI
  4. Jobs Part 2
    • JIL - An Introduction
    • Basic Job Definition Structure
    • Defining, Running and Checking Your First Job
    • Adding Some Job Parameters
    • Dependencies
    • Job Statuses
    • All About Boxes
    • ALARMS
    • Exit Codes
  5. Calendars
    • Standard Calendars
    • Custom Calendars
    • Cycles Calendars
    • Holiday Calendars
    • Creating a Calendar
  6. Global Variables
    • What Are Global Variables?
    • The Power of Global Variables
    • Set and Un Set Global Variables
  7. Machine Definitions
    • Defining an Agent
    • Virtual Machines
    • Load Balancing
  8. Resources
    • Resource Types - Overview
    • Global versus Machine Resources
    • Resource Examples
  9. Putting It All Together
    • Designing A Job Stream
    • Defining A Job Stream
    • Testing A Job Stream

Course Pre Requisites

Previous knowledge of AutoSys(AE) or a similar tool is advantageous but not essential.