ETTRIXP001 - AutoSys(AE) iXp User Course

Course Duration

1 day

Course Description

This one day course demonstrates the features and functionality of CA Workload Automation iXp - Graphical User Interface for AutoSys(AE), using the latest software versions.

Intended Audience

This course appeals to both brand new AutoSys(AE) users and those looking to expand their existing knowledge.

Key Skills

After completing this course you will be able to use the iXp Interface to manage your AutoSys(AE) Workloads.

Course Outline

  1. iXp Overview
    • What is iXp?
    • Architecture and Components of iXp
    • Running iXp and Logging In
  2. Using iXp
    • Navigating the Interface
    • The Tree Pane
    • The Job Detail Pane
    • The Job Console
    • The Flow View
    • Dynamic Filters
    • Customising Your View
  3. Working With Jobs
    • 'sendevent' functionality
    • Listing job definitions
    • Retrieving Job Output
    • Job Run Data
    • Searching For Jobs
    • Editing Jobs Three Different Ways
  4. Other Features
    • Importing / Exporting Job Definitions
    • More 'sendevent' Functionality
    • Global Variables
    • Overrides
    • Calendar Administration
    • User Commands
    • Alarm Manager
    • Simulation
  5. Reports
    • Creating Reports
    • Running Reports
  6. The iXp Command Line (CLI)
    • System Requirements
    • Using the CLI
  7. Wrap Up
    • Recap of the Course
    • Q and A
    • Further Information

Course Pre Requisites

Completion of ETTRAES001 recommended.

Previous knowledge of AutoSys(AE) is essential.