ETTRAES002 - AutoSys(AE) Advanced User Course

Course Duration

1 day

Course Description

This fast paced one day course is designed to expand your knowledge of AutoSys(AE) features and functionality. Using the latest software versions, you will learn how to exploit these new features to help you improve your skills and the robustness and efficiency of your AutoSys(AE) Job Streams.

Intended Audience

This course appeals to experienced AutoSys(AE) Users.

Key Skills

Building on your existing AutoSys(AE) knowledge, at the end of this course you will be able to use many new product features such as Advanced Calendars, Virtual Resources, Alarms and Alerting and many of the new Job Types available.

Course Outline

  1. Overview
    • AutoSys(AE) Architectural Overview
    • The System Agent and Plugins
  2. Job Types
    • Monitoring Jobs: Disk, CPU, IP, Process/Service, Windows Event Log, Text File
    • HTTP Jobs
    • Remote Execution Jobs
    • FTP/SCP jobs
    • Database Jobs
    • User Defined Job Types
  3. Job Features
    • Application and Group Parameters
    • Look Back Dependencies
    • ALARMS - must_start, must_complete
    • Email Alerting
    • Interactive jobs
    • Success_codes / failure_codes
    • Run Time Variables
    • BLOBS
  4. Other Cool Stuff
    • Virtual Machines v Resources v Agent Queues
    • Forecasting
    • NOEXEC
    • Syntax Checking
    • Initial Status
  5. Wrap Up
    • Recap of the Course
    • Q and A
    • Further Information

Course Pre Requisites

Completion of ETTRAES001 recommended.

Minimum 2 years experience of AutoSys(AE) required.