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Test Data Management - Rapid, GDPR-compliant customer system mods and development

Great customer applications require high-quality test data—but the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) has made data privacy requirements more stringent than ever. Test Data Management (TDM) provides the relevant data you need for rigorous testing without the sensitive content. So you can deliver fully tested apps using safe data that comply with new regulations—and eliminate expensive delays.

GDPR has expanded the definition of what constitutes personal data and puts IT and testing departments on high alert to safeguard personally identifiable data, across analytics, development and testing environments. Test Data Management, the process of obtaining and distributing test data for development teams, takes on greater urgency as the GDPR comes into effect.

Solid Test Data Management practices are key to overcoming compliance hurdles and avoiding the huge fines associated with GDPR. Utilizing new ways that test data can be generated, distributed and managed are pivotal to meeting this regulation. Many companies are moving towards synthetic data creation to avoid the pitfalls associated with masking production data.

TDM is not only for dealing with the GDPR however. Any organization that has to deal with regulations or mandates like credit card data (PCI), medical details (HIPAA) or non-public financial data (GLBA), with protections for safeguarding customer data, will benefit from TDM and its improved Test Data Management capabilities.

Extra Technology’s preferred TDM platform is CA Test Data Manager™, the acknowledged market leader. CA Test Data Manager™ generates relevant compliant test data in two main ways, generating fictitious new data spontaneously within specified parameters, and also obfuscating real customer data using any of a range of industry-standard obfuscation techniques.

Our Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) will ensure the rapid deployment of a TDM solution that is both 100% compliant with all relevant legislation, and also allows your developers and testers rapidly to deploy new and enhanced customer systems.

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