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Education - Automation Anywhere - ETTRAA005v10 – Automation Anywhere Version 10 Hands-on Advanced Workshop Course

Course Duration

3 days

Course Description

A hands-on course that enables experienced intermediate Automation Anywhere practitioners to design and develop their own robots using the popular Version 10 release of Automation Anywhere.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for certified Automation Anywhere Version 10 RPA practitioners needing more practical experience of bot design and development.

Key Skills

After attending this course, you will have greater experience and confidence designing and developing bots using Automation Anywhere Version 10.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction - PPT Presentation
  2. Overview video
  3. WebCR - Settings - PPT Presentation
    • Features - Repository - Subset of useful items developers would need
    • Features - Security
    • Features - Users
    • Features - Operations
    • Features - Schedules
  4. Client - Bot Creator
    • Recorders
      • Smart
      • Web
      • Screen
    • Loops - DB, Excel, File
  5. Task Editor - 500 plus commands
    • Variables - Calling tasks from tasks - variable mapping
    • IF Statements - If file exists, if variable etc
    • Config files - Using XML config files - reading and using
    • Triggers - Using AA client triggers
    • Metbots Using Assets - Screens & DLLS
    • Repository and SVN Using SVN - Demo only

Course Pre Requisites

Aimed at experienced Automation Anywhere Version 10 users who already hold the Automation Anywhere RPA Professional Certification.

Daniel Chidgey

Daniel Chidgey

Course Instructor

Daniel Chidgey is an Automation Anywhere Certified Subject Matter Expert(SME) and Trainer. He has specialised in Automation Anywhere consultancy since 2016.

Dan is responsible for co-writing Extra Technology's Education Courses. He also produces and scripts Extra Technology’s ‘How To’ videos.


Damian Griffiths

Course Instructor

An Automation Expert with 20 years in the field. Damian has worked in numerous Banking and Public-Sector institutions delivering cutting edge solutions. Damian is a major contributor to Extra Technology’s Automation Anywhere course offerings.

Zakk Rockett Square

Zakk Rockett

Course Instructor

Zakk Rockett is a Robotic Process Automation Consultant and Trainer specialising in Automation Anywhere. He automates complex processes to an exacting standard and receives exceptionally positive feedback from our customers. A professionally qualified recruitment expert, Zakk led the charge for Extra Technology on robotising HR processes including recruitment.

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