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Education - Automation Anywhere - ETTRAA008 - Process Improvement Integrated Lean Sigma and RPA Training Course

Course Duration

4 days

Course Description

This unique hybrid course teaches the basics of Robotic Process Automation and Lean Six Sigma, encouraging the pragmatic use of both, individually or in combination, to increase productivity, introduce new working methods, improve efficiency, reduce monotony and make work more interesting.

The course is designed to take students to the level of Automation Anywhere Enterprise product knowledge and expertise required to produce simple RPA Bots.

Students will learn fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles based on a pragmatic approach stressing the importance of utilising employee skills and knowledge to bring about business process improvements. These increase efficiency and process capability, minimise process cycle time, and remove waste - freeing-up staff time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for people whose roles include repeated interaction with computers to undertake regular tasks, and who need to identify which processes to automate and which to improve, and how.

Key Skills

The ability to identify, prioritise and structure improvement opportunities, selecting the most appropriate Lean and/or Automation tools. Working knowledge of Automation Anywhere and the ability to create simple bots.

Course Outline

Day One Breakdown

  1. Training Introduction
  2. RPA
    • Introduction to the Automation Anywhere platform
    • Build your first bot
    • Smart recorders
    • Client & Workbench
    • Command Library
  3. Lean Sigma
    • Introduction
    • Process Mapping
    • Scoping & Charter

Day Two Breakdown

  1. Lean Sigma
    • Recap
    • Value & Waste
  2. RPA
    • Object Cloning
    • Recorders recap
    • Process Eligibility
    • PDFs

Day Three Breakdown

  1. RPA
    • Variables
    • String Operations
    • If/Else Statements
  2. Lead Sigma
    • Recap
    • Root Cause Problem Solving
    • Spider & Fishbone Cause & Effect Analysis
    • Measurement & KPIs

Day Four Breakdown

  1. RPA
    • Recap
    • Planning your Own Bots
    • Automating your Eligible Ideas
    • Summary & Close

Course Pre Requisites

No prior knowledge of Automation Anywhere RPA or Lean Sigma is required.

Sue Evans

Sue Evans

Course Instructor

Sue Evans is a Lean Sigma Specialist. Sue has over 20 years’ experience of delivering high value enterprise change programmes, by up-skilling and involving people from every level of the business, to design and embed sustained improvement.

Cameron Mcmahon

Cameron McMahon

Course Instructor

Cameron is an Automation Anywhere Certified Training Instructor (the highest level of vendor certification). He is an RPA Developer and RPA Instructor.

Cameron is a co-author of Extra Technology’s latest Automation Anywhere courseware (including our popular RPA/Six Sigma courses) and is an excellent training instructor.

He has Automation experience gained in Banking, Energy and Insurance sectors. He is also heavily involved in our in-house bot creation.

Shivam Ghelani

Shivam Ghelani

Course Instructor

Shivam is an Automation Anywhere Certified Training Instructor (the highest level of vendor certification). He is an RPA Developer and RPA Instructor.

A gifted developer, Shivam also has great inter-personal skills and has a natural teaching style. Shivam has represented the vendor in their official customer training courses. He also delivers Extra Technology’s popular Automation Anywhere courses, including co-delivering our popular RPA/Six Sigma courses.

Shivam has Automation experience gained working with Banking, Financial Advisor and Insurance organisations.

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