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Education - Automation Anywhere - ETTRAA006 – Automation Anywhere Advanced Version 11 Differences Course

Course Duration

1 day

Course Description

A hands-on course that showcases the features of Version 11 of Automation Anywhere, highlighting differences between Version 10 and Version 11.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for certified Automation Anywhere Version 10 RPA practitioners who are either considering upgrading, or who are about to upgrade, to Automation Anywhere Version 11.

Key Skills

After attending this course, you will have a clear understanding of the differences between Version 10 and Version 11 of Automation Anywhere.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction - Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  2. Web Control Room
    • Features Panel–Dashboard (Big changes from V10!)
      • Home
      • Bots
      • Devices
    • Features Panel – Activities (Previously Operations Room)
      • My Bots (Previously the Repository Manager)
      • Folders (Previously Repository)
      • Run Bot Now (Actions link in v 10)
      • Run with Queue (new to V11)
        • Schedule a bot
        • Credentials (Previously in the Credential manager)
    • My Credentials
    • My Lockers (New)
    • Credential Requests (New)
  3. Web Control Room
    • Features Panel – Devices (Previously Clients)
      • My Devices
      • My Device Pools (New)
      • Features Panel – Workload
    • Queues – (New)
    • Audit Log – (Previously Audit Trail)
  4. Web Control Room
    • Features Panel - Administration – New Heading on Features Panel
      • Settings Incorporates functions found in Control Room Settings (Accessed via Cog in Version 10)
      • General (Paths for repository etc.)
      • Bots (Version Control Enablement and Settings)
      • Client Application (Previously Client configuration)
      • Credentials (Previously Credential Vault Configuration)
      • Emails (Previously Email Notifications)
      • Users (Previously User management)
      • Roles (Previously Security)
      • Licenses (Previously License Management)
      • Features Panel - Task Schedules
      • No longer present - scheduling related items performed in ‘My Bots’
      • Features Panel - App Management No longer present
  5. Client Differences (Not many at all!)
    • MetaBots
  6. Recap and Debrief

Course Pre Requisites

Aimed at experienced Automation Anywhere Version 10 users who are curious about the differences in Version 11.

Daniel Chidgey

Daniel Chidgey

Course Instructor

Daniel Chidgey is an Automation Anywhere Certified Subject Matter Expert(SME) and Trainer. He has specialised in Automation Anywhere consultancy since 2016.

Dan is responsible for co-writing Extra Technology's Education Courses. He also produces and scripts Extra Technology’s ‘How To’ videos.


Damian Griffiths

Course Instructor

An Automation Expert with 20 years in the field. Damian has worked in numerous Banking and Public-Sector institutions delivering cutting edge solutions. Damian is a major contributor to Extra Technology’s Automation Anywhere course offerings.

Zakk Rockett Square

Zakk Rockett

Course Instructor

Zakk Rockett is a Robotic Process Automation Consultant and Trainer specialising in Automation Anywhere. He automates complex processes to an exacting standard and receives exceptionally positive feedback from our customers. A professionally qualified recruitment expert, Zakk led the charge for Extra Technology on robotising HR processes including recruitment.

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