23 March 2020

Automation Anywhere – some hidden benefits for your organisation

Implementing Automation Anywhere in your organisation offers some huge benefits, the obvious and main reason for implementing RPA into an organisation, has got to be the radically improved process completion times.

In my role as a Lead RPA Developer, I frequently ‘robotise’ processes that were previously manually undertaken. Processes that took up to eight hours to complete, thanks to the power of RPA and Automation Anywhere, now only take three or four minutes from start to finish.

Further to implementing Automation Anywhere bots, we now have ‘robotised’ processes complete compliantly and accurately every time without clumsy or ‘fat finger’ user errors. From an audit perspective, who could want more?

Not all the advantages brought by Automation Anywhere are so readily apparent. Here are some less obvious benefits based on my experience deploying Automation Anywhere:

Maintaining up-to-date Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs act as step-by-step instructions describing how to perform a work activity/process. It is critical businesses keep SOPs current and up to date, but often they are not. In some cases, they do not even exist!

Developers will certainly appreciate the documentation functionality of Automation Anywhere and its client during bot development. Your process is cleverly logged in a readable, understandable and logical step-by-step flow, whilst capturing images/screenshots of actions within your flow (under the ‘Visualize’ tab). This effectively creates your SOP documents for you, and as you modify or update your bot throughout your RPA lifecycle, it keeps the SOP up to date. This is, without doubt, a great unexpected benefit!

Creating knowledge and acceptance for the future of AI

Machine Learning/Cognitive Automation is the next evolutionary step on the path to true AI from Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation Anywhere is currently the only RPA vendor with a fully integrated cognitive solution: IQ Bot. For me, IQ Bot is a true game-changer, offering huge benefits to any organisation because it unleashes the impressive power and capability of Cognitive Automation to regular business users (not just propeller-head techies).

Building knowledge and acceptance for new technology within the business has historically been difficult, but hands-on experience of Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot and it's easy-to-use nature helps users to overcome their natural tendencies to resist change.

In laymen’s terms: the end user doesn’t need to be technical in the world of IQ Bot, they just need to be technicians of their own trade. For example, if you’re managing a process regarding timesheets in your department, the chances are you know that process inside out and you understand the complexities of your own human workforce and their working hours. The beauty of IQ Bot is that it learns from you.

IQ Bot creates a knowledge-base of building, implementing and using cognitive solutions for your entire organisation. Quite simply, IQ Bot will make your business more efficient as technology accelerates to true AI.

Cross-team cohesion

I frequently notice a rather surprising, but incredibly important hidden benefit when implementing Automation Anywhere RPA solutions in several organisations; improved team-work. I have seen departments that were never previously in regular contact, become more tightly knit and working more collaboratively. All thanks to Robotic Process Automation.

Because of Automation Anywhere’s ease of use and because it is not strictly limited for those with IT experience, users from all departments of the business can get involved; building and learning together. During bot design and development, users will analyse its processes, fix infrastructure issues and agree on how to support the bots. Bot building instigates interaction between various teams and departments that they may not have happened before.

Does this seem like a small benefit? Maybe, but we all understand the importance of building team-spirit and relationships throughout an organisation so that people know exactly where to go to for certain information or assistance and are not shy to ask for it!


Automation Anywhere brings immediate and obvious benefits in increasing process accuracy and speed. Equally beneficial, but less immediately apparent are the benefits in the areas of creating and maintaining current Standard Operating Procedures, smoothing out the bumps on the road to true AI, and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

Automation Anywhere is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Zakk Rockett

Zakk Rockett is a leading Automation Anywhere Expert with the highest level of vendor certification. He is a proven Automation specialist, having delivered highly sophisticated automation solutions for customers in various sectors. He has delivered bots to an International Bank, a leading Stock Exchange, an International Law Practice, a Nationwide Retailer and multiple Life Sciences organisations.

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